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18 SEP 2013

Some folks have suggested I should write a blog. Some folks don’t know what they’re letting themselves in for. I’m an opinionated man, and I’m grumpy. You’ll see what I mean. I plan to expound on hobbies, writing, politics, global warming, and the state of our civilization in general. For right now, it would seem expedient to figure out how these golden words become a blog. See you down the road   CB

New title up on Kindle

02 JUL 2013

Hey all, “The Girl Rides a Harley,” the continuing adventures of the Girl From Area 51 is now for sale on Amazon Kindle. Hope you like it.

New Cover & Hard copy for “The Girl”

27 JAN 2013

You may have noticed The Girl From Area 51 has a new cover. It’s taken six months, but I finally got my cover artist’s attention long enough to get a cover. The beautiful girl’s portrait I’ve been using was never meant to be a book cover, but it was effective and you’ll have to admit it’s a really great painting. The painting, “Charmed,” is by Glen Hawkins, who is also my cover artist. My wife gave the painting to me for Christmas a few years ago. In my opinion, it’s a better painting than the Mona Lisa, and a much prettier subject. A thousand years from now . . .
Now that I have a real cover, I’m also in the process of publishing printed copies of the book through Create Space. Watch for it.

Cliff Black

2012, A good year

31 DEC 2012

I’ve been writing stories for over twenty-five years. Since I have no patience for the traditional New York publishing scene, I thought my efforts would be mostly for my own satisfaction, plus provide a bit of entertainment to family and friends. Then I read a story about a lady who was selling a lot of books on Kindle at 99 cents.

99 cents seemed a ridiculously low price for a book, but given that no paper is involved, and remembering the Wriggley fortune based on five cent gum, I decided to give it a try. I wasn’t trying to get rich–although that would be nice–I mostly wanted people to read my work. I thought my stories were good. I wanted to know if others thought so.

Well, now on this last day of 2012, I can report over 13,000 sales for the year. It’s not life changing, but you the readers have given me reason to believe I can write stories people like to read, and that the time spent at the keyboard hasn’t been wasted. Thank you.

Cliff Black

Short Stories

30 DEC 2012

There was a time when short fiction could be found in magazines such as True and Argosy. Sadly, these magazines have died in our modern digital age. As a result, many readers are unaware of the pleasures to be found in short stories. I have gathered the best of my short stories into a new book I’m calling Black Shorts. It’s available now on Kindle at 99 cents. Give it a try and tell me how you like it.

Cliff Black

New Book: Black Shorts

29 DEC 2012

I put together a collection of short and long stories written over the past thirty years, called Black Shorts, you can buy it now on the Amazon Kindle Here.

All Books 99 cents

14 DEC 2012

All of my books are priced at 99 cents on the Amazon Kindle, head on over to Amazon where you can read them on almost any device.