Adam Prows

  —   Web Development, Graphic Design, and IT


For this website I started with the Bootstrap framework in order to easily make pages mobile responsive. Then I picked the color scheme, gradients, textures, and figured out how I want layout and navigation.

Then I made a php template with a common header and footer and couple different page layouts and added the content for each page. The projects page uses a MySQL database and PHP to create each item in the list. I finished by adding jQuery tweaks to make things look better like hover effects, gallery popups and the video player functionality.

Unity Typing Game

The first project that I’ve made in Unity, it’s a 2d typing practice game.

Jasmin Prows Wesley's Website

My sister wanted a design portfolio, so I helped her to make a single page portfolio website using PHP and MySQL.

Num Padder Game

A complementary game to Type Attack that I made with CSS, jQuery and JavaScript.

jQuery Memory Game

This is a game I made in jQuery to help me learn it better.

Need for Speed Fan site

This is the first website I made using Twitter Bootstrap.

Cliff Black Books Website

A static website that I made using HTML5 and CSS3 to promote the books written by Cliff Black. You can see the Wordpress page that I made first HERE

Paul Prows - UniverseCity Website

A website that I made for Paul Prows’ small business from scratch using Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and jQuery.

Humanities Website

A simple website that I made for a presentation in a Humanities class.

Kid History Flash Soundboard

Flash soundboard that I decided to make because none existed.